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01 November 2018
Complex logistics for wind power industry

TIS Group carried out the transportation of super-oversized equipment for wind power industry (including 42 cargo units with dimensions each: 62,0m х 3,9m х 3,0m / 15 tons) across the territory of Ulyanovsk Region, Russia.

30 October 2018
Transportation of super oversized cargo with the height of 7m

Transportation of oversized shipment, including cargo units with the following dimensions: 26,4 х 6,0 х 6,3 m/ 160т and 24,1 х 7,1 х 7,0 m / 121tones across territory of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region has been successfully completed.

26 October 2018
Day of the Automobilist

TIS Group congratulates all employees of motor transport industry with their professional day!

17 September 2018
Transportation of oversized equipment from Kaluga Region

Shipment of the oversized equipment from Kaluga Region (Russia) to Saint-Petersburg has been successfully completed.

22 August 2018
02 July 2018

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