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26 March 2010
Transportation of excavator's base

The transportation of the oversized excavator's base with the dimensions 8,0m х 5,4m х 3,7m from St.Petersburg to the Komsomolsky (the Republic of Mordvinia) is successfully completed.

23 March 2010
Transportation of energy equipment to the Krasnoyarsk Region

The energy equipment, i.e. 2 transportable electric substations with the dimensions 18,00m х 3,00m х 3,95m were successfully delivered by TIS Group from St.Petersburg to the Krasnoyarsk Region of Russia.

08 March 2010

The resource is available only in the Russian version of the site.

18 February 2010
Transportation of 110t metal frameworks for a metallurgical works

The third final shipment of metal frameworks was successfully delivered from Holland to the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works.

11 February 2010
Transportation of 350t metal frameworks

The transportation of metal frameworks for a large machine-building plant, including several pieces with the weight of 350 t and width of 4.9 m each, was successfully completed.

03 February 2010
Transportation of equipment for a chemical factory

Another stage of transportation of equipment for the construction of a chemical plant in Tulskaya region is completed. During the performance of the project more than 30 units of cargo were delivered, 2 of them with the length of 23,5 m and weight of 80 tons each and 8 units with width of more than 6,0 meters.

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